For Sale by You, Financed by Us.

Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. is seeking the opportunity to offer their mortgage services to your prospective homebuyers. This partnership offers free personal marketing via online listing, yard signs, and an audio walkthrough in exchange for a log of potential buyers that view your home. In return, MAXFSBO simply asks sellers to refer homebuyers to Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. for their financing needs.

Remember, there is never a fee for this service and no obligation to use Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. for financing.


What MAXFSBO offers to home sellers:

FREE mortgage pre-approval for potential buyers to prevent “buyer fallout.”

FREE internet listing for your home, including photos and a detailed description on www.MAXFSBO.com.

FREE audio walkthrough: a toll-free phone number that potential buyers can call to hear a professional, detailed description of your property.

FREE community network where FSBO home buyers & sellers can ask questions to mortgage professionals, licensed realtors, homeowner’s insurance agents, closing companies, and accountants.

FREE help arranging your appraisal, title work and ultimately closing at your and/or your buyer’s request.

Buyer Fallout Protection & Mortgage Pre-Approvals:

“Buyer fallout” occurs when a potential buyer makes an offer on a home in “good faith” only to find that they cannot obtain the financing to complete the transaction. In today’s market, this happens far too often. We offer security and help to protect you from taking your home off market prematurely by qualifying all of your potential homebuyers.

We are able to offer the BEST interest rates, LOWEST closing costs and even 100% Bank Financing (0% Down to many potential home buyers).


Why wouldn’t you? There’s nothing to lose and NEVER a cost to list at MAXFSBO.com!

We offer FREE marketing, giving you more exposure (MORE potential buyers) for your home!!

We pre-screen your potential buyers, ensuring they can afford the purchase before they step inside your home!

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